Autoworks Automotive Repair

Jeff and Tina seem to be really good people with very reasonable prices. They do not try to build a whole car because your battery is dead.

Tru (A Google review)

For many years Auto works has been mine & my family's go to place for honest repair & service

Joe (A Google review)

I tried adjusting my car's ignition timing myself, bad idea. my motor sounded like a shaking tin can full metal ball bearings. I came here, and Jeff (the mechanic who worked on my car) did a phenomenal job. My car now purrs like a happy cat.

Jacob (A Google review)

Great customer service quality work and good prices.

Tom (A Google review)

I took my 97 Honda here after getting a quote back from the Honda dealership on what I needed done to fix a problem I was noticing when I pushed on the breaks. Honda claimed I needed my ball joints replaced for around $600. I took it to Auto works to see if i could have the same job done for a cheaper price. They gave me a lower price and i left my car there to have the job done. The next day they informed me that it wasn't my ball joints but something else that needed to be replaced. I trusted them to replace what they said was the problem and to my surprise it was EXACTLY what needed to be done. They knew more about what my Honda needed than the actual HONDA MECHANICS did. They could have charged me for what I asked to be done, then charged me again to fix the real problem later, but they didn't, they were honest and I 100% would go back, and will go back if my Honda needs any work done in the future!

Adriana (A Google review)

Great Mechanics if you want experienced work with great work ethics.

Amy (A Google review)

I had work done on my 1997 Expedition and they were fantastic! They went above and beyond any place I have ever had work done. I have lived in many cities and states in the northwest, and by far this shop is one I recommend to all my friends and family. They were honest and did an amazing job on my truck. I am going back to have more work done and will not be looking for any place else to do auto repairs for any of my vehicles.

Derek (A Google review)

We used to take our cars to Meyers Auto Tech until a relative of ours was talking with other firemen about the good quality work and low pricing of Auto Works. The customer service was impeccable and I enjoyed my conversations with Tina and how her husband was able to give me a ride home after dropping the car off. I loved the fact that his business has been there and open for over 20 years and that the couple has been married for 30 yrs. Integrity makes a difference in a business as it shows in this local mechanic shop. I enjoy the honesty and pray for their 27 yr old son that was in a motorcycle/dirt bike accident this past Saturday and is still in the hospital.

Tammy (A Google review)