Don't Sweat a Faulty Air Conditioner

Stay comfortable in your car all year long

Sometimes, we take our cars' heating and cooling systems for granted- until they break. Driving a car without temperature control is miserable. That's why Autoworks Automotive Repair offers repairs and replacements of car heating and cooling systems.

Our team has experience and an understanding of these systems, allowing us to provide effective service. Heating systems are made up of a single core which transmits heat behind the dashboard and through fans and hoses. Air conditioners work similarly, and disperse coolant throughout the car through the fan.

Don't suffer a summer without air conditioning or a winter without heat- meet with the team at Autoworks Automotive Repair today.

Find a solution to your temperature problems

Air conditioners and heaters within cars can easily break with use. Over time, hoses and leaks can decrease efficiency or cause your systems to stop working completely. You can usually tell that there's an issue when:

  • Your air conditioner won't blow out cool air
  • Your vents won't push out air
  • Your air smells like mildew or mold
  • Your heater blows cold air

Are you concerned about your car's heating and cooling system? Speak with a pro now by calling 509-586-7794.

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