Are Your Brake Pads Worn-Down?

Don't put off brake repair services

If your vehicle isn't coming to a quick stop when you brake, chances are your brake pads need to be replaced or your rotors need to be buffed. As soon as you suspect an issue with your brakes, you should visit an auto repair shop for brake repair services. Autoworks Automotive Repair has over 30 years of car care experience and will assess your vehicle to determine the best repair solution.

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6 signs your brakes need to be serviced

Your car's brakes are vitally important. If your brakes aren't working like they should, you're risking your safety and that of other drivers.

If you notice....

  1. A dashboard brake light notification
  2. Squealing or screeching sounds when you hit the brakes
  3. A soft-feeling brake pedal
  4. Fluid leaks from the master cylinder
  5. Shaking or vibrations when braking
  6. Your car pulling to one side when you brake

...then you'll want to visit Autoworks Automotive Repair right away for brake repair services. If you neglect necessary repairs, you could end up causing further damage to your vehicle.

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